Look Who’s Reading

8944305884dI don’t want to brag. Really. I don’t. But, I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway.
Look who’s reading my blog!


See why I love my people. Have a read.” 

Yes, you are seeing right. That was a real live tweet from the real live page of the real live Usain ‘Fastest Man in the World’ Bolt And, if you look closer, you’ll see that this real live tweet was real life retweeted by Piers Morgan, British journalist and TV personality.

Now, as said, I really don’t want to brag. so just ignore the number of retweets and let’s focus on more important things — like who else is reading a piece of mine @ eelasor.com  and liking my random musings.


Again, look real close: Please share. This is a link to her blog“: http://eelasor.com/
I swear your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Jamaica’s most prolific playwright Patrick Brown AND he’s encouraging you to SHARE!! Do what the man says. Always read and share.


I’m loving this blog and not because she mentioned my name in this one. Lol. Her last blog was tweeted by Usain Bolt. She is flying our flag high. It’s funny and well-written. Please read and share.”

When Tanya Shirley one of your favorite poets of all time calls your lil ole blog ‘funny and well-written’ it makes you reassess your entire life — then you see who shows up in the comments feed —


“Love the bedraggled puss.”
Paula-Anne Porter-Jones, is one of radio’s best voices AND she’s loving my blog —and my bedraggled puss—what are you waiting on to subscribe??? Oh, you want some pretty actresses –
— okay.


Eelasor Bree…Mi (stage) namesake, this is a good one. LOL And he tweeted it! Rayyyy”  

Please pardon the fact that she spelled ‘raaaaeeee’ like an uptown girl. That is in fact Sharee McDonald Russell Jamaican singer and actress.

So … this wonderful writer friend is blogging up a storm …

Sakina Deer, actress extraordinaire, goes on to cuss me out about shamelessly begging Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce a ‘tweet’. But, don’t pay attention to that. Focus on the fact that this actress/singer/TV Personality is asking you to read and share. Thanks Saki.

Hey y’all check out Keisha Brissette new Blog!!! The last one was sooo AMAZING even the fastest man Usain Bolt retweeted it and as a result it went viral. She’s doing Amazing things. Please have a read and subscribe. Share and follow everything this young lady is doing! This is only the beginning!!  Proud of you!!

Ladies and gentlemen if one as talented as Camille Davis tells you to
follow everything I am doing … follow
everything I am doing! It’s that simple.

And finally, Tara Kamiya of TaraKamiya.com (Japan) describes my blog asComedic genius! The jerk chicken combination of buzzfeed and luvvie.

Thanks for reading Tara.

Now, what are YOU waiting for?!


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If you keep reading — I promise, I’ll keep writing.#EndlessBlessings