Journey To Japan

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I wish I could tell you a Fairy Tale about how absolutely amazing my journey to Japan was, but the truth is it sucked!!!

Don’t believe me?

Try squeezing your entire life into three suitcases and then travel almost 19 hours to the other side of the world and tell me how you like it.


It’s hard, arduous and mentally exhausting to sort through your entire life and decide what to throw out, what to give away and what to keep!!!

But, as I was reminded by a good friend, the most meaningful things in life are never easy. There’s no happiness without sadness, no pleasure without pain, and no sunshine without rain.


That’s what life is about. And, on my journey to Japan, my much needed ‘balance’ came in the form of JAL.

People of the universe — well, the handful that read my blog — if you’re ever going to Japan, ignore the price and book a flight on Japan Airlines. It’s the best economy type, first class flight you’ll ever have.


After being greeted by friendly smiles, I sank into my plush seat, stretched my feet out in adequate leg room space, and took in the amazing ambiance.


Minutes later, I was given a warm cloth for my face, and my inflight entertainment packet which included an earphone, earmuffs, a neck cushion, pillows, and a blanket. It was more than what I bargained for, that’s until the food came.

Now, anyone who knows me know I have an excellent relationship with food and apparently someone told JAL because THEY FED ME!!

Their brochure is labeled ‘an exclusive restaurant in the sky’ and believe me that’s no lie.


I ate everything! From rice cakes to ice cream. Things I recognized and things I didn’t recognize. Things I could pronounce and things I couldn’t pronounce. It was ALL dee lee cious!!!

And please note, I was not the only frighten Friday on the flight. The Caucasian woman two seats across kept gushing:

“OMG, more food!”

“OMG ice-cream too!”

 “OMG, they don’t treat me like this on A —— A——-.”


Man, she went in!

I had to pat myself on the back for being calm and collected and not acting like all this was new to me. That was until they came with wine.

The stewardess said: “White or Red?”

And I could hear myself like the darn Caucasian woman:

“OMG, wine too?!”

Then, I thought she was going to pour me a glass, but when she handed me the entire bottle, I lost it. My frighten Friday white valley girl voice took over:

“Ohhhh Myyyy Gawddd! The entire bottle?”


Three glasses in, and I started feeling quite genki, but my thoughts were clear. I’d done it. I was here, on JAL, on my way to a foreign country, I’d overcome my fear.


With a smile on my face, I placed my earmuffs over my head, reached for my blanket, and clutching my bottle of white wine, I dozed off to sleep knowing whatever happened next, I’d be alright.


Oh hell, I promised to tell you why I told lies on Bolt.

Darn it! Next week. I promise.

 — until then —


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20 thoughts on “Journey To Japan

  1. Gela

    Love the spirit missy! Like seriously, you dare to tell a lie on Bolt? Awesome! Bring it on girl. Gotta pray for you.


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