Dating in Dubai: The Caribbean Woman Edition

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“It’s against the law to live together, or to share the same hotel room, with someone of the opposite sex to whom you aren’t married or closely related.”

“The laws can also see unmarried pregnant women and their partners jailed.”

“Only in the privacy of your own home should you consider going in for a kiss. Public displays of affection – or PDAs as they are joylessly known – are forbidden in Dubai, and can land both parties in a lot of trouble. You can chance a cheeky snog in a lift, but you run the risk of the doors opening before your floor, exposing your misdemeanour. Even the back of a taxi is dodgy ground for kissing. If your taxi driver takes offence, he may well report you to the police”.

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Last week, I shared my findings about dating abroad with you. Revisit article here. This week, I will continue the series by sharing the views of Sasha, a Caribbean woman living in Dubai.

Sasha, like Sandra, didn’t want her picture used, but she was just as candid about the dating scene in Dubai. She admits that it is not difficult to meet men. In fact, there are lots of clubs and activities designed to meet people. The only catch is, not many people are looking for meaningful relationships and many men who sign up for these activities, usually have a wife or a girlfriend or a wife and a girlfriend.

Sasha says though there are strict fornication laws, local men can get away with a lot of things as it is their country. She cites an example: “If a foreign woman goes to the police to report a rape, it is more likely that the foreign woman will be treated as the fornicator as opposed to the Emirati man.”

She says black women as well as other foreign women are often used as mistresses as it is not that likely that a local man will marry a foreigner as they are not seen as equal to a local woman.

When asked if local men have approached her, she says she mostly get stared at; however, she believes they would be more keen to approach her or date her if she was covered:

Spoke Arabic:

Wore the right make-up:

Be willing to convert to Muslim:

And generally play the part of an Emirati woman.

Though Sasha hasn’t dated any of the locals, she admits that she has dated in Dubai. A black man. A Caribbean man. This led to my next question: “Do black men in Dubai date black women?”

Her response: “Black men in Dubai date black women — white women, Indian women, Asian women. They are looking for women. Any woman. Any type of woman.”

She states black men in Dubai are sometimes from places that have less diversity and as such it is the perfect opportunity for them to find the exotic beauty that they desire.

In conclusion, Sasha believes dating is difficult all over the world. She thinks that a woman should be sure about what she wants, be safe when dating and believes love can be found wherever you are in the world – once you’re open to receiving it.

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6 thoughts on “Dating in Dubai: The Caribbean Woman Edition

  1. Kennykenken

    Very interesting. I agree, most black men are just looking to satisfy their desires for diverse women.
    Pregnant unmarried women and their partner being jailed though? Unheard of!

  2. SuSu

    Yep, I have to respect these people for upholding their laws though they might seem weird to us. I absolutely do not agree with the rape victim being jailed and I have read of many instances in which this happens. I really want to work/visit/live in Dubai…I might not do that until I am married though. haha


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