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When Pretending To Know Usain Bolt Goes Horribly Wrong

‘Bolt is to track what Ali is to boxing, Jordan is to basketball and Obama is to politics.’ #Excellence #Trailblazer #Magnetic #GreatestOfAllTime Anika Emmanuel Last year, I wrote a blog entitled: ‘Why I Pretend To Know Usain Bolt’. In it, I described my experiences in Japan and told you how… Read more »


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Jamaicans are everywhere! That’s what I intended to prove when I brought you Shawna Kay’s Tale from China: Read article here. Terry’s Tale from Poland: Read article here. And various tales of Jamaicans who are Jaminating Japan. Today, I continue the series by bringing you a Jamaican Tale From Dubai…. Read more »

Why I Pretend To Know Usain Bolt

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Five times out of ten, my conversations in Japan will go like this: THEM:      You American? ME:            Jamaican. THEM:      Jamaica in Africa? ME:            No. Jamaica in Jamaica.                    (Blank stare)                     The Caribbean.                     (Blank stare)                     Usain Bolt. THEM:      Ooooooohhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Bolto! Bolto! Yup, Bob Marley may have placed Jamaica’s name on… Read more »