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10 Jamaicans ‘Jaminating’ in Unique Places

Jamaicans are everywhere! #Fact And, wherever we are found, best believe we are creating change and making a positive impact. Don’t believe me? I have proof. Here are 10 Jamaicans ‘jaminating’ in unique places. ABUJA Capital city of NIGERIA. Population: 776, 298 (and experiences an annual growth of 35% as… Read more »

Dating Abroad: The Jamaican Woman Edition

*** “A study conducted at Harvard University many years ago revealed that people are happier when they’re in love. But, Japan is a loveless society so there isn’t much happiness here.” Noriko Takeuchi, Japan It is never wise to start a blog about dating with a quote from a fourteen… Read more »

Jamaicans ‘Jaminating’ Japan

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Beijing, China #Jaminate #jaminate #TeamJamaica. I smell GOLDSSS!!! *** Alia Atkinson has done Jamaica proud #Jaminate *** Marlon James wins the Man Booker prize 2015 #jaminate *** #TeamSanneta #TeamJamaica #Jaminate #MissWorld2015 The tweets above are a great illustration of how Jamaicans dominate on and off the track. It cannot be… Read more »