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10 Jamaicans ‘Jaminating’ in Unique Places

Jamaicans are everywhere! #Fact And, wherever we are found, best believe we are creating change and making a positive impact. Don’t believe me? I have proof. Here are 10 Jamaicans ‘jaminating’ in unique places. ABUJA Capital city of NIGERIA. Population: 776, 298 (and experiences an annual growth of 35% as… Read more »

Dating Abroad: The Jamaican Woman Edition

*** “A study conducted at Harvard University many years ago revealed that people are happier when they’re in love. But, Japan is a loveless society so there isn’t much happiness here.” Noriko Takeuchi, Japan It is never wise to start a blog about dating with a quote from a fourteen… Read more »

FROM TRIAL TO TRIUMPH: A Jamaican Woman’s Tale Of Becoming Victor Over Her Circumstances

QUISHA ALEXANDER left Jamaica at 15 and moved to America with the simple hopes of making a better life for herself. Two months in, New York proved that it was not going to do her any special favors. The bipolar weather didn’t care that she was from sunny Jamaica, high… Read more »

Camille Davis – Uncut & Uncensored

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There are many things Camille Davis and I have in common. We both joined CentreStage Theatre Workshop Group in 2004, she wanted to act, I wanted to do everything else ‘cept that. We’re both country girls. She being from deep, rural Hanover; me being from deep-rural St. James. And, we… Read more »



She sings, she dances, she acts and she’s the fresh new face on TVJ’s Weekend Smile Morning Show. But, what else do we know about this beautiful quadruple threat? I decided to fa`as in her business and share my findings with you. Let`s get the boring stuff out of the… Read more »


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Jamaicans are everywhere! That’s what I intended to prove when I brought you Shawna Kay’s Tale from China: Read article here. Terry’s Tale from Poland: Read article here. And various tales of Jamaicans who are Jaminating Japan. Today, I continue the series by bringing you a Jamaican Tale From Dubai…. Read more »

Six Things You’d Know If You’re An Authentic Jamaican

“He kept talking with the little Jamaican accent he got from his parents or maybe his neighbours. I didn’t have to hear him shorten Montego Bay to Montego, instead of Mobay, to know he wasn’t a real Jamaican.” Marlon James: A Brief History of Seven Killings Did you know that… Read more »