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Camille Davis – Uncut & Uncensored

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There are many things Camille Davis and I have in common. We both joined CentreStage Theatre Workshop Group in 2004, she wanted to act, I wanted to do everything else ‘cept that. We’re both country girls. She being from deep, rural Hanover; me being from deep-rural St. James. And, we… Read more »

When Pretending To Know Usain Bolt Goes Horribly Wrong

‘Bolt is to track what Ali is to boxing, Jordan is to basketball and Obama is to politics.’ #Excellence #Trailblazer #Magnetic #GreatestOfAllTime Anika Emmanuel Last year, I wrote a blog entitled: ‘Why I Pretend To Know Usain Bolt’. In it, I described my experiences in Japan and told you how… Read more »



She sings, she dances, she acts and she’s the fresh new face on TVJ’s Weekend Smile Morning Show. But, what else do we know about this beautiful quadruple threat? I decided to fa`as in her business and share my findings with you. Let`s get the boring stuff out of the… Read more »

Jamaicans ‘Jaminating’ Japan

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Beijing, China #Jaminate #jaminate #TeamJamaica. I smell GOLDSSS!!! *** Alia Atkinson has done Jamaica proud #Jaminate *** Marlon James wins the Man Booker prize 2015 #jaminate *** #TeamSanneta #TeamJamaica #Jaminate #MissWorld2015 The tweets above are a great illustration of how Jamaicans dominate on and off the track. It cannot be… Read more »

A Jamaican Tale From China (Part 2)

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When Shawna Kay left Jamaica, she took many of the customs with her. You know how most Jamaicans wash early on Saturday mornings before heading off to market? Or, how we use blue cake soap (before Vybz Kartel changed it) to lather our white clothes? Or, how we eat saltfish… Read more »

A Jamaican Tale From China

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Once upon a time, not too long ago, there lived in the land of wood, more wood, weed talented people and sunshine, a belle called Shawna Kay Williams. Being bright, beautiful and 24 years young, one would think Shawna Kay had everything needed to be happy.  But, she was miserable… Read more »

10 Questions with Glen “Titus” Campbell

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Question Rumour has it you’re not Jamaican, is that true? Answer The rumour is true. Glenroy Godfrey Campbell — that’s name on my birth certificate — was born in London, England in 1964. (Incredulous look) Yes ma’am. I’m 50 years old. Question Complete this statement. In my spare time I… Read more »